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Why NOW is the Time for Boudoir

First a brief history in Boudoir

The essence of boudoir dates back to the 20's when nudity was illegal in photographs, but many artists continued creating their work. Think of the women romantically draped over furniture, Titanic scene style. Fast forward to the 40's and there was more of a pin up vibe, which generally included curvy women in men's clothes and corsets as well as using props like hats, ties, and stockings. This eventually led way to the 70's self expression era and "naturalism," as media turned to real women in magazines and advertisements instead of drawings. Enter taboos here...suddenly braless was too close to porn and many just assumed they were the same.

So now here me out...

It's safe to say the last few years have been...intense. No matter your situation nobody has been unscathed, even just the slightest in cancelled plans. As moms we've had the mental and emotional weight of the world on us-navigating not only our fears and disappointments but those of our kids.

So back to boudoir-sessions can be leather and lace and depending on the motivation behind them a lot of them are. But as someone working behind the scenes on these sessions trust me, the best pictures have nothing to do with what you're wearing. Boudoir is an experience and what makes it great is you. What you like, what suits you, and feels good to you!

Beautiful boudoir woman posing in plants
Boudoir Session Image

Boudoir sessions start with a glass of champagne. Then once you've had time to relax and the glam session is over you'll start with the pictures!

It can be a bit nerve wracking at the start, but a great boudoir photography team will ease you into the shots you feel comfortable with. And as far as bodies, they've seen it all, so don't worry.

This type of photography is a specialty, so research an experienced photographer, but remember the session is about you. So take a deep breath and go with it! Think about what you love most about you, is it your smile or a well placed dimple? When picking out the outfits think about you, what color makes your eyes pop and makes your skin glow!

Here's a little secret, he doesn't care if you're wearing his work shirt, or a sheet! Do what makes you feel sexy and he will love it! Your confidence will shine through so much more. Beside, men's work shirts do not show off the best parts of a women, just saying ;)

Now doesn't that sound like a great way to celebrate the end of lockdowns and disappointments-a few hours solely devoted to making you look and feel amazing? Then there's the proof of your strength, beauty, and survival forever captured!

Images by Bmore Boudoir


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