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What is Makeup Mapping and Color Palette analysis?

It's safe to say that the world of cosmetics has changed dramatically over the past few decades. From liquid lipsticks and contouring kits, to color correcting products and color-changing blush, there's never been a time when it was easier to play up your best features. But while we've become more knowledgeable about what our favorite products can do for us, there are still plenty of people who aren't aware that makeup can be personalized based on your unique skin tone or features—a concept known as makeup mapping and color palette analysis. As someone who has spent years working with clients in this field, I'm here to tell you that understanding your own features and coloring isn't just fun; it's essential if you want to truly master all aspects of makeup application.

What is Color Palette analysis?

makeup shades best suited for your coloring
Example of Makeup Mapping and Color Palette Analysis

Color analysis is a system of classifying colors based on their physical properties. It can be used to determine which colors look best on you and help you find the best colors for your home decor, wardrobe and makeup.

The system itself is based on the color wheel, which was created by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666. The color wheel is a visual representation of the relationships between colors. It can be used to help you choose which colors work best together and how to combine them in order to create a specific effect. The color wheel consists of 12 primary hues-red, yellow and blue. They can be combined to make all other colors. Secondary colors are orange, green and purple. They’re created by mixing two primary colors together (e.g., yellow + blue = green). Tertiary colors are made up of a combination of one primary plus one secondary color (e.g., red-orange is made from red plus orange).

All the colors of the color wheel.
Color Wheel

The color wheel is divided into three parts: warm, cool and a neutral zone.

Warm colors are reds and yellows. Cool colors are blues and greens. The neutral zone is the middle of the circle and includes browns, grays and blacks. One way to use a color wheel is for choosing colors that will work together in a room. For example, if you want to create a relaxing space, use cool colors such as blue and green. If you want to add energy to your home, opt for warm colors such as red and orange. Neutral colors are great for tying everything together.

The same concepts applies to makeup, but your undertone and coloring are the shades that coordinated with the shades you apply. Learning your color palette helps take the mystery out of choosing products that will look best on you.

What is a Makeup Map?

A makeup map is a guide to your personal features. Well Crafted Beauty will map out your features after processing your images to create a map of your face. Your features will be measured and mapped by our professional makeup artist to create a layout of where each product should be placed. When using the map and color palette together you'll have a perfectly balanced makeup look customized just for you!

What can Color Analysis do for You?

Color analysis is about finding the best colors for your complexion and personality. It's like wearing clothes that make you shine, but also showcases your features! The right color palette can do wonders for your skin tone and eye color, making it look healthier and more vibrant. If you're not sure which shades will work best on your face, having a Makeup Map and Color Palette can help find the perfect combination of shadows, blushes, liners and lipsticks to suit your individual needs. The map will then show you where to apply each product based on your features.

Color analysis can also help you avoid color clashes, like wearing the wrong shade of red lipstick. Additionally, it'll advise you on fashion shades you may not have considered, helping you get creative with your look. You're probably familiar with the idea of color analysis from shopping for clothes. When it comes to makeup, though, knowing what colors are right for your skin tone can have a huge effect on how your face looks in photographs—especially when it comes to special occasion looks.

How can I figure out my color type?

While you'll want to figure out your color type before applying makeup, there are some ways to help narrow down the possibilities. If you're looking for a quick and easy answer, one of the best options is purchasing the Well Crafted Beauty Makeup Mapping + Color Analysis guide here:

You'll simply submit 2 photos, similar to passport style images and your profile will be sent to you. The results will provide you with your color type and recommended makeup colors as well as a map of the best place to apply each product. Once you've had a personalized color palette made, it's time to create the makeup map and put it all together!

Color analysis and makeup mapping is a great way to learn more about yourself and how to apply your makeup. It can also help you find new ways of expressing yourself through color, whether it’s by choosing a new eyeshadow shade or wearing your favorite lipstick color. The best part about this process is the personalized results created just for you—you'll never wonder what shades to purchase, or where to apply your makeup products. A color analysis and makeup mapping session with Well Crafted Beauty will help you find new ways to express yourself, and is the perfect way to try something new, or find a product that matches your skin tone. By using the customized map as a guide, you'll be able to create a look that makes you feel beautiful!


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